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 upcoming patches

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Gathering Chi

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Location : Malaysia
Registration date : 2011-05-02

PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   Wed May 18, 2011 9:40 am

Oh since the new patch 129, there is 1 mysterious Slot above the Attack/Peace mode, now I know what it is used for ...


Put your LF there , and you don't need to press any number to select the LF, juz press Alt ^^
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PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   Wed May 18, 2011 11:26 am

You need to initiate it again every time you log in or enter a different map. Also, if say you have other windows open while playing 9D (for instance GoD forums for some information in game) and you have to alt + tab to switch windows, your character will be LF-ing forward while you read and when you're back, he/she has slammed into a wall. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:38 pm

The servers will be taken down at 8.30PM PDT, Wednesday (3.30AM GMT) for Patch 130 release. We are expecting the downtime to be maximum 3hours.

This thread will be updated with further updates, if any.

UPDATE 12:10 AM PDT: We are going into extended maintenance due to unforeseen technical issues which are preventing the servers from going live.

UPDATE 1:10 AM PDT: Indy21 has identified the issue and are providing us with a fix within the next 2 hours which would solve the current patching issues we are facing with patch 130. Our IT will take an hour to implement the fix on our servers....so totally an estimate of 3 more hours before the servers go online.

UPDATE 4:20 AM PDT: For the players who did not patch during the maintenance period - launch the game client and it should work as if nothing happened (apart from the downtime) but if you are facing issues please try to patch your client by relaunching till you see your client updated to patch 130. If it still doesn't work, please uninstall 9Dragons completely and install a fresh version. This should fix the patching issues.

Here are the major changes with the upcoming patch 130 apart from the back-end changes-

- Draperies have been fixed - you will now be able to purchase clothes/bags from the NPCs without any issues
- Jiang Daxi in Hefei no longer accepts candles and pumpkins


--Peachy-- | HG2 | BoT Taishan Bandit
Peachy | IM12 | BoT Strategist Bandit
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Signature Specialist
Signature Specialist

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PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:26 pm

Dragonlord said:

Hello all,

The servers are up and have been patched to v130. We are aware that many players are facing issues with the patching of the client after the maintenance. We recommend you to flush the DNS (Run -> cmd -> ipconfig/flushdns) and try re-launching the 9D client multiple times which might help with the download of patch. IF the patching issue still persists, the solution suggested by our developers is a fresh & complete re-installation of the 9Dragons client.

If the above mentioned solutions do not solve your patching issues, please post your XLauncher.log file in this thread (copy and paste the content). XLauncher.log file can be found in the folder where the game has been installed. We will be reviewing the same for appropriate solution.

We deeply apologize for the extended maintenance and the downtime which followed.

Best Regards,
9Dragons Team

NOTE: Please post here only if you are facing patching issues with your XLauncher.log file

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Signature Specialist
Signature Specialist

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Registration date : 2008-09-16

PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:25 am

At least all those candles people buy from VN sites will be completely useless now xD. Also i might be able to get my def set for my lowbie to.

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PostSubject: Re: upcoming patches   

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upcoming patches
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