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 33% of cash shop and ecc :D

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PostSubject: 33% of cash shop and ecc :D   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:33 am

Warriors and Immortal Warriors to be,

Ah, Thanksgiving in The Land, so many blessings! A gift every day for 10 days! Weekend Buffs to die (and resurrect) for! The final push to level up for the 9DAYS OF IMMORTALITY contest, our greatest contest yet! Winners will confer with The Hermit regarding their destinies and take control of one of nine of the most powerful characters in The land! And Master & Disciple is just around the corner… Happy Thanksgiving from Acclaim, and here are your Promotions and Events for 11/19 – 11/30

Item Mall Promotions
11/18 – 11/30 33% Off Every Item In The Mall!!!
(Except for Services and New Items)

New Item: “Name Change” Ready for a new identity? Change the Name of any existing Character to a new Name you select!
And Only Available now through Thanksgiving!
Speed Liquor: Speed + 50%, Duration 60mins
Dodge Liquor: Dodge + 20%, Duration 60mins

9DAYS OF IMMORTALITY (Last Week left to Level Up!)
Think you’d do it all over again differently? Think you’ve mastered your strategy? Here is a chance to show us how it’s done…
This Sunday begins the registration for a brand new contest. Create a new 9D Character in The Land and level them up for one month, and three winners from each server with the highest level characters will take control of 9 Immortal 9D Characters with maxed out Stats, Skills and Weapons for 9 Days. Have you dreamt of being Immortal and undefeatable in combat? This is your chance.

Create a new 9D character anytime during the above listed registration dates, and that character will be automatically eligible to win. Full contest rules will be posted on the forum, as well as descriptions of The Immortal characters and their stats which will be offered as prizes. Contest will run from 10/25 until 11/25/09 and Immortal Characters will be awarded on Thanksgiving Day! Good luck to all!

More information here: http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=118775

Collection Quest: "Will Work For EXP!"
Times are hard in The Land as an economic crisis looms. The Tax Collectors are falling on their own swords! So, Items must be collected to trade to foreign lands. So, The Imperial Emperor hereby decrees that a weekly Collection Quest shall be enacted until further notice.
The Collection time will starts every Sunday and will finish next Friday at 00:00 hours (GMT in Bardo and PST in Asura and Nirvana) and it will be held in 2 sessions:

Get the information here: http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=118512

Dogs Of Lore
Power lies in knowledge as well as strength... and we will be testing the depths of your knowledge!

LoreMaster Tears will be visiting each server and testing your knowledge in a one hour long Lore Challenge.
Questions will range from identifying important figures of The Land to lore about the War of the 9 Dragons.
Past Prizes have included Blood Essence, Korean Ginseng, Panaceas and +12 Weapon Loanouts! Check the message boards for this week’s prizes and bonus starter questions!

Details here: http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=117535

Black & White War
Bloody Plain was the location of the Final Duel of Nine Dragons and is considered sacred ground; however, the entire area remains seething with hostile energy. Great battles between Black and White Clan forces are often waged in Bloody Plain, and these battles are called Black and White Wars. Due to the destructive nature and history of this area, Bloody Plain is a PK Zone on every server and Black and White Wars will always be carried out there. While there is no level restriction to engage in combat in Bloody Plain or assist your fellow disciples, it is recommended that you have a fair amount of Kung Fu skill before taking part in the carnage. Although the rewards for winning a Black and White War are great, the corpses of too many novice disciples continue to litter these desolate grounds.
(Bardo) 10 AM PDT
(Nirvana/Asura) 6 PM PDT

And this coming Wednesday
Lucky Cricket Event
Every Wednesday the Lucky Cricket visits The Land and sometimes he raises the XP Rate on all Servers and Maps, and sometimes he changes the Drop Rates or adds Server-wide Buffs to all Players. Just keep in mind that sometimes it may be an exceptional event... maybe 3X EXP for an hour, or two, or a Conqueror’s Buff, or more… but you just won't know unless you show up. Who knows what the Cricket will bring?
(Bardo) 4 PM GMT
(Nirvana/Asura) 4 PM PDT
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PostSubject: Re: 33% of cash shop and ecc :D   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:35 am

now u know why today no one knowed what xp it will be :O
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33% of cash shop and ecc :D
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