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 "The Dogs of Lore" ***Back Again!***

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PostSubject: "The Dogs of Lore" ***Back Again!***   Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:06 pm

I've been gone for some time, but... Tears is back ^_^
As such, I will be running another Dogs of Lore event as an excuse to hand out prizes.
(If you have questions or issues with a previous Dogs of Lore event, please PM me here. I've been gone a while, so you may have to remind me of things)

Power lies in knowledge as well as strength... and we will be testing the depths of your knowledge.

Where: "Tomb of Lord Bao" in the northern section of Hefei.
Bardo: Sunday, April 11th @ 10:00pm GMT
Asura: Sunday, April 11th @ 8:00pm EST
Nirvana: Sunday, April 11th @ 10:00PM EST


I will be visiting each server and testing your knowledge in a one hour long Lore Challenge.
Questions will range from identifying important figures of the land to lore about the War of the 9 Dragons.
Information can be found on the 9Dragons forums under the "Clan Information" heading (near the bottom of the forums), and on the 9Dragons Acclaim website under the "About 9D" heading.
These resources can be used during the event, but it will be to your advantage to become familiar with the story and lore prior to the event.
Questions will be asked every 1-2 minutes. Once the new question is asked, you will not be able to answer the previous question.
You will receive points based on how quickly you are able to answer correctly.
1st = 4 points
2nd = 3 points
3rd = 2 points
All other answers = 1 point
During the event you will receive no feedback if your answer was correct, or if you received points for it.


There are some changes to prizes this time around, there will be no +12 weapons.
All prizes will be awarded immediately after the event though ^_^
No more waiting around wondering when you will get it!

Prizes that you may choose from:

8x Blood Essences
10x Korean Ginseng & 10x Ethereal Mushroom (Ginseng recovers 100% health on use, and the Mushrooms recover 100% VE on use)
10x Huatuos Panacea (If you use one of these when you die, you will have no death penalty, and you revive with 100% HP and VE)

All players who have at least 1 point will receive a 6 hour buff at the end of the event.
The buff provides +30% dam/hp/ve, +20 con/ess, and +50% speed, all have been tested working.
If you attain 20+ points, you will receive an additional buff that grants an extra 30% dam/hp/ve (yes, it stacks with the other one).
Players will also receive minor stat buffs for each 5 point step they achieve (5,10,15,20), up to 20.

There will be random prizes for those in attendance as well. These will be given out during the event, with no warning.
No, I will not tell you what they are, or anything else about them ^_^

If you will be attending, please follow this link and enter the character name you will be attending with and your server.
If you participated a previous "The Dogs of Lore" event, sign up again.

See you this week!

p.s. You may want to show up a few minutes early, as the first question will be asked as soon as the event starts. No announcements will be made before this event starts.

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"The Dogs of Lore" ***Back Again!***
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